Our Programs

Historical Preservation

A key mission of PCHS is the preservation and maintenance of the Ferrel Historical Museum.

Family History and Genealogy

PCHS staff and archivists are dedicated to finding answers to your queries about your family members.    SUBMIT YOUR QUERY ON OUR QUERY PAGE.


Our Bookstore has books and publications available for sale.  These books are both interesting reading and historical references that can be great additions to your library.

Bookstore Page

Officers and Directors


President  -  Paula York

1st Vice President  -  Phil Schroeder

2nd Vice President  -  Lynn Cassity

3rd Vice President  -  Sue Hurd VanAmburg

Executive Secretary  -  Ken Klamm

Treasurer  -  Alan York

Assistant Treasurer  -  Becky Bauer

Immediate Past President  -  Anne Jones


Class of 2019

Joe Vanover

John Shackelford

Craig Kirkpatrick

Betty Soper

Class of 2020

Martha Noland

Rebecca Wenzel

John Pottie

Julie Wallis

Class of 2021

Sharon Ariing

Bill Hillix

Lisa Wittmeyer

PCHS Board and Committee Members